CEAR Annual Meeting - 2011

October 6, 2011

Burlington Engineering Labs at NCSU - Raleigh, NC


1. Welcome

2. Program Description

3. Status of Cluster, Codes, Web Development

4. Optimization Study for PGNAA Coal Analysis

5. MCLLS Approach to Cargo Monitoring

6. Spectroscopic Analysis Methods for Nuclear Security

7. MCNP Development and PTNG for Well Logging

8. DRF Development by MCNP and G03

9. Automating Spectrum Stripping

10. MCNP5 Data for Well Logging

11. Nonlinear Response of Scintillation Detectors

12. MC Spectral Simulation Algorithms

13. Gamma-Ray Libraries for Cargo Monitoring

14. Radioactive Pebble Tracking and Stochastic Modeling

Particle Tracking for PBR's

15. Recent Activity in Fluid Analysis by PGNAA