CEAR Annual Meeting - 2007

October 3, 2007

Baker Atlas - Houston, TX

Meeting Agenda

Attendance List

1. Welcome

2. Program Description

3. CEAR Computing Cluster and Applications

Spectral Cluster Video

4a. Implementation of MCLLS to EDXRF

4b. MC Code for Coincidence PGNAA

5. Study on Replacing Am-Be Neutron Sources

6. Optimizing the C/O Log Patent Idea: MCLLS

7. PGNAA for Multiphase Flow Measurement

8. Detector Response Function Development

9. Summary of Two SPWLA Papers from June 2007

10. Obtaining and Using Differential Operators in MC

11. New Method for Tracking Single Radioactive Particles

12. Prompt Gamma Imaging Using GEANT4

13. Cargo Monitoring for Terrorist Activities

14. Recent Developments for MCNP5

15. Current Oil Well Logging Tools