CEAR Annual Meeting - 2006

September 6, 2006

ExxonMobil - Houston, TX

Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome

2. Program Description

3. CVS Depository for Computer Resources

4. MCNP Simulation of LWD Neutron and Gamma Density Logs

5. MC Code for Coincidence PGNAA

6. Carbon/Oxygen Log Research

7. Multiphase Flow Measurement Research in Bergen

8. Some Lessons Learned from MCNP Usage

10. LaBr3 Detector Modeling with MCNPX for INL

11. Simultaneous Simulation of Density, Porosity and C/O Tools

12. Recent Advances in EDXRF Research at CEAR

14. Prompt Gamma-Ray Imaging for Small Animals

15. Update on MCNP - v5.1.50