Light yield measurement method for milled nanosize inorganic crystals
Andy Li, N. Smith, M.P. Hehlen, E.A. McKigney, R. Gardner
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Applied Radiation and Isotopes (2011), doi:10.1016/j.apradiso.2011.09.021
Composite scintillators consisting of nanosize inorganic crystals embedded in an organic matrix have been actively pursued in recent years. One method of producing nanosize crystals is through wet milling; however, since milling is known to introduce defects, the light yield of the milled crystals must be characterized. In this work, a new method of characterizing the light yield of milled inorganic crystals will be explored and discussed; this method will take into account explicitly the concentration of the inorganic crystals and the difference in stopping power between the crystals and the solvent.