Article 300

Radioactive Single-and Multiple-Particle Tracking Methods in PBR Flow Studies
Zhijian Wang, Kyoung O. Lee, and Robin P. Gardner
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Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, Vol. 101, pp. 865-867 (2009)
Pebble Bed Reactors (PBR’s) are one of the Generation IV type reactors. Pebble flow is an important issue for the PBR which affects the neutron behavior in the core as well as its safety analysis. Without a good understanding of pebble flow, significantly higher core peaking factors can result which may lead to higher local core temperatures and possibly fuel failures during normal operation and accident situations. This paper describes two radioactive single-particle (or single pebble) methods for tracking pebble flow in a scaled down modular (SDM) PBR [1]. The reasons that an SDM PBR is used to study the flow in an actual PBR are: the PBR size, the radioactivity that is normally in the PBR reactor and the safety shielding required for the PBR all combine to make the choice of radioactive particles not a viable possibility [2].